Post Toyota Week Outtake: MGM In Flat Black

CC 206 110 925

Now that we’ve all survived Toyota Week, it’s time to unleash all that big American iron shot in the past week or two. Yes, flat black is way too common. I can be a real idiot when it comes to popular fads and such, but I assume it’s evoking the time when guys couldn’t afford to get their older cars painted, and just sprayed them with several cans worth of dark gray/black primer. Yes; that was rather common back in the day. First things first: the ’56 Chevy got a cam and four-barrel, or even a later 283, and some dual pipes, and some longer rear spring shackles. And a coat of flat primer, while endlessly imagining it in candy apple red metal flake. Of course, nobody’s imagining that anymore; the only thing that comes after flat black paint is…the crusher. Or am I missing something?