QOTD: Does Your Car Have a Name?


“Mine’s called Fifi” Those were the exact words a former coworker of mine used to describe her car on one of those weird occasions in which coworkers decide to amuse you by letting you talk about your hobby, even if they are not particularly knowledgeable or interested in it. That was odd; even as a car fan, I never did actually name any of the cars in the family.

Oh, I do get attached to my cars–far too attached for my own good, I think. If they get scratched, I get colossally angry; when they run properly, it’s a source of joy. Getting into them after a long day of work feels exactly the same as meeting an old friend you see every day yet you’re always aware of how lucky you are to have such a reliable companion around you. When you complete a long trip in them, it feels as an accomplishment rather than something they were designed to do; when they break down, you hope it’s not expensive enough that it’ll prove fatal. But a name? Not really.


The Tercel already came with that name from the factory, a soulless one considering they made a couple million cars with the same moniker, but Tercel is still its name. If for some reason I don’t refer to a car by its name I’d just refer to it by something that’s obvious about it (red, brown, beater) or by a diminutive of its brand (Mitsu, ‘yota, Merc). Putting a name to your car can only increase your bond with it, but I’ve just never seen the point of it.


That’s not to say that it’s wrong to do it, my coworker had certainly created a bond with Fifi, her red Honda Fit (In hindsight, I should’ve really seen what car it was by the name). She wasn’t the least bit interested on driving dynamics, or how the CVT in her car was depriving her of even the audible enjoyment of driving and replacing it with an incessant drone. As far as she was concerned it was cute and it got her where she wanted to while using little fuel. Considering the way she talked about Fifi, it was nothing less than pure car love, just not the kind of car love we’re used to. What about you? Is your car a J30, a ‘brown box’ or a ‘Barry’? Do you know someone that names them?