QOTD: Engine Swaps?


Oh yeah, that’s the sort of thing we like to see around here isn’t it? A 1956 Ford Pickup that is still sporting all its battle scars. Scars that were likely earned through a life of hard work and emotional bonding with its owner. And you can see that that bond is still going strong by the way the owner cares about the essential bits of his loyal companion, as evidenced by the shiny wheels and tires that almost seem out of place under all the rust and patina. Imagine what care must he take of the engine, that 223 six or Y-Block V8 must be pampered.



That’s a Dodge Viper Engine, in a 1956 Ford F100.Leaving aside the fact that this swap is just as reasonable as someone fitting a space shuttle thruster to a covered wagon one has to concede the fact that it’s a pretty awesome engine swap. And one so unexpected it really has to seen to be believed.


Personally I’m not too fond of engine swaps. While I’m not a purist I do like to have the same mill that propelled the car out of the factory in the car or replaced by another one of the same engine. If you want more performance you can always unlock some of the potential it had by tweaking the engine, although admittedly that may not be the most beneficial thing for the longevity of the engine. Then there are times when an engine swap becomes a necessity. If you have a car powered by, say, a 216 c.u Blue Flame and the rods and valves have a conflict of interests with each other the chances of finding another one will be slim at best. That doesn’t explain or justify the fact that everything under the sun has had an LSx swap (Yes, even the blender). What do you have to say about it?