QOTD: What Car Had The Airiest Greenhouse? And The Least?

www.allcarindex.com | source: Bertone

In today’s superb post on Bertone and the Mazda Luce, I re-encountered a car I had forgotten about, Marcello Gandini’s 1967 Fiat 125 Executive concept (Bertone). It reflected what may well be the high point in automotive visibility, what with its huge and airy greenhouse. Obviously, it looks a bit extreme from today’s vantage point; in 1967 designers were pushing the limits of how glassy cars could be, given the technological changes that made it possible. In the early-mid 1950s, cars still had quite small windows. And Gandini in particular was a fan of glass, at the time.


lamborghini marzal-concept-04

Gandini’s Lamborghini Marzal was my heartthrob in 1967, and glassy sides figured into it in a major way.

Fiat 1967 125_Executive_ side-vert

So when he transposed the Marzal’s design language to the Fiat 125 chassis, the roof line got a big tall; almost pope-mobileish.

I’ve already said my piece on the Camaro, so we’ll spare it in any more vitriol. But can you find more extreme examples of these two different design themes?

Quasar Unipower London birds

Well, other than this obvious one? As I said, 1967-1968 was the high point in this trend.