QOTD: What’s The Longest Your Car Battery Has Ever Lasted? And The Shortest?

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My two recent experiences that answer my question will probably not be the longest and shortest, but will set a decent benchmark. First, the long one: I knew the end was coming, as the xB’s first start of the morning was getting progressively more lethargic. I should have acted, and sure enough, this morning when I promised my son a ride, it…died. Good thing the F-100 was out back, and quickly pressed into service. Well, this original battery is now 10½ years old, by my best estimate, based on the xB’s build date of 4/05. I was hoping to make it to eleven. 

By the way, the xB’s battery ($71.00), the front brake pads ($39.99) and an air cleaner ($12?) are the only things I’ve spent money on these past years. It’s living up to its Toyota rep.

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Meanwhile, the battery in our 2013 Acura TSX lasted less than a year, leaving me stranded at a train crossing. That’s actual ownership time, that is; our TSX had been sitting at the dealer for about a year when we bought it. They had to jump it at the time of delivery, which was not a good sign. Acuras and Hondas have a rep for undersized batteries, so rather than even try to press Acura into some kind of adjustment (they just charged it and said it was ok), I just went out and spent $69.99 on a stouter battery. I was convinced it was on borrowed time. I suppose it might have lasted another year. Still; two-three years is pretty pathetic.

Two dead batteries in one year, but then it’s the batting average that counts: 6¼ years, in this case. Not all that bad, actually.