QOTD: What’s Your Favorite Impala?

Chevrolet 1958 impala and Prius 2

We can’t exactly let Impala Day go by without asking which one of America’s once- favorite is your favorite. I’m not exactly answering the question, but there was a black ’58 Impala coupe like this parked around the corner of our house for a year, in about 1962-1963, that put a spell on me. And although it was already an “old” car by then, I was endlessly fascinated by it. I was really taken by GM’s concept cars of this era, which were generally quite a bit cleaner than the production cars, especially the ’58s. But the Impala seemed to me then the closest expression of a Futurama car in 1958. There was one thing I just couldn’t wrap my head around though:

Chevrolet 1958 Impala rear seats

Why did they give it “bucket seats” in the back, but not in the front? Life was full of these unanswered important questions at that age. But I’m still waiting for a good answer on that one.