QOTD: Will 3D Printing Help Us Take Care Of Our Classics?


Printers. Most commonly seen making our lives a living hell and running out of ink, printers are more of a necessary annoyance than something to get really passionate about. But since the technology of 3D printing has become viable enough to be available at the market for relatively cheap it has given us a new world of possibilities, adding a new dimension to the world of printing ( this horrible horrible pun was completely intended.)


3D printing has been used to make anything from plastic figurines to put in your desk at work, to small turbines and even human organs. To say that the possibilities that 3D printing has opened are limitless would be nothing but accurate. You can even download and print a firearm now, to the chagrin of quite a few people. This is not limited to small items either, Even as you read this both Local Motors and KOR EcoLogic are both making efforts to make a 3D printed cars a reality. That’s where today’s question comes along.


If you can make a 3D printed car and the technology is getting cheaper and cheaper, surely it could also be used to help in the restoration of old metal. Chrome trim, badges, rearview mirrors, interior trim. Every single tiny piece that would be impossible to get anywhere now a CAD file and a printer away. Not just small parts either. Your Pontiac Tempest is missing its front grill and you can find are GTO reproduction kits? Just get it printed and forget about the purists. Of course, this would be dependent on the size of the printer you buy.

So what do you think, are 3D printers the saviors of old cars or merely a tech toy that got too popular?