Curbside Outtakes: My Neighborhood, Part 2.5 – Dearborn Edition

I have posted two previous collections of neighborhood outtakes, here and here, but today’s post is just a few pictures, taken on Christmas Eve within a one block stretch close to my house, hence the “Part 2.5” title.

And, as you’ll see, they are all Ford Motor Company products, hence the Dearborn reference. First a Topaz, new to the neighborhood and very clean and straight for a 30 year old car. According to California’s smog check data site, it’s a 1990 and has always passed its smog test. I was surprised to see all four wheel covers present and in excellent condition. Postscript: shortly after the New Year, I saw the Topaz being loaded up on a flatbed tow truck (a RAM, not a Ford, for what it’s worth) and haven’t seen it since.

A few yards further up the street was this Crown Vic, a curbside regular on this block. Nothing really special, obviously an ex-police car but definitely a daily driver. According to the smog check site, this one is an ’08, and described as a Crown Victoria Police Interceptor, so it’s definitely the real thing. Postscript #2: while waiting for the traffic light to turn green at the top of this hill, I saw another Crown Vic drive by, but was too slow on the draw to get a picture. It was an active duty patrol car from our local PD … I wonder how much longer they will ply the streets here in black and white livery before they get auctioned off.

Finally, just up the hill, a longtime neighborhood resident, at least longer than me. Although I’ve never seen it driving, it moves regularly (or is moved) and always has clean windows. It acquired new tires a few years back, and like the Topaz, it too has all four hubcaps in place and in good shape.