MM-QOTD: We’re Time Traveling Back to the 1980s; Which Big American Car Will Be Your Daily Driver?

The 1980s were not exactly the golden years for the big American RWD car. The second energy crisis in 1979 really put the kibosh on the genre, and throughout the ’80’s, market share for the sector was just around 10%. No wonder the manufacturers didn’t invest in them, and the two holdouts, GM and Ford soldiered through the decade with very little changes to their boxy cars. They had become the Toyota Crown Comfort of North America, suspended in seeming perpetual motion.

And most were dogs, thanks to higher gas prices and the upward creep of CAFE. But there was at least one exception: the C91 Chevrolet, which was still living in 1977. Heavy duty everything and the 350 4 barrel and THM 350 for motivation. If I had to have a big American car, it would have to be one of these. Of course wrangling one from a Chevy dealer would be another matter, but then this is an MM exercise.

Happy Malaise Era to you!