QOTD: 1963 Buick Electra(s) – What’s The Story Behind These Pictures?

My lovely bride buys me old car brochures as gifts, and this Christmas I found a catalog for the full line of 1963 Buicks under the tree, in honor of our new ’63 Riviera (although it was not included in the full-line brochure, having been introduced a bit later in the model year).  Given my propensity to overthink dumb things, I found myself lingering on this picture.  First, the text on the obviously retouched Michigan license plate is a hodgepodge of cryptic letters one might find on the inner walls of a pyramid.  Second, I’m fascinated by this seemingly mismatched couple and their luncheon on the grass (without a lunch).

Here’s a closer look.  Unless I’m missing something, she is perhaps decades younger than he is, yet there is no evidence of a mid-life crisis in his general appearance.  He’s not wearing clothes that the kids might wear; he’s not coloring his hair.  I mean, he’s driving an Electra, for crying out loud.  She’s wearing white pants and lying on the grass, looking at him as if he’s saved her at the last minute from the jaws of a great white shark – “My hero!”  My lesser impulses want to paint her as a gold digger, as an older man with an Electra is possibly the well-off doctor, lawyer, businessman type.  But maybe she’s his secretary.  Maybe he’s simply a really nice guy after a string of really mean guys.  Maybe he’s a confirmed bachelor who’s finally found “the one,” and she just happens to be a beautiful younger woman, although he’s not wearing a wedding ring.  What’s he reading, the owner’s manual?  There’s not even a picnic basket – why are they parked on the grass reading a pamphlet!?!  How has that hat not messed up his hair?!!!!!!???

ENOUGH!  What do YOU think?  Please don’t answer that this is simply the concoction of some marketing department in a vain attempt to make middle-aged guys think they can nab a beautiful younger woman if only they’d buy a new Electra.  That’s no fun at all.

P.S. If that picture does not pique your curiosity, how about this advertisement below?

It’s a plain old ad for a ’63 Electra 225 four-door hardtop (nice car!).  But we’re looking down from the ceiling tiles at two well-dressed businessmen standing on a shabby looking floor.  The angle of the lighting implies that it’s closing time, and these two successful guys are engaging in some shop talk before heading out to the waiting Electra.  But what if it’s more sinister?  Their eyes are shielded, and the contrast between light and dark is vaguely reminiscent of a noir-like sensibility.  Is the Electra some kind of getaway car?  The man in the tan coat is making a forceful point with his right hand – is it a threat?  Are they engaging in insider trading?  According to the text, the Electra owner IS a man of action.  What do you think?

By the way, this is just for fun: Absurd answers are expected.