Vintage Ad: 1979 Lincoln Versailles Coupe Royale – Imitating The Seville, Again

There were a large number of Seville kitsch-mobiles, of all kinds and with varying degrees of bad taste, but I had no idea that the Seville wanna’ be, the Versailles, also was the willing victim in these botched cosmetic surgeries. Here’s the proof: the 1979 Versailles Coupe Royale by Grandeur.  But it’s missing the obligatory side-mount spares. How pathetic is that, if you can’t even imitate that? That’s so…Versailles.

Here’s the real deal:

There; that’s more like it.

And if you want to preserve seating for four, Grandeur also had the Seville Formal Sedan. Don’t you wish you had been rich in the eighties?