QOTD: 2003 – 2008 Honda JDM Odyssey – Is This a Van or a Station Wagon?

This is a 3rd Generation Honda Odyssey (RB1/RB2) – sold in the home market and other countries in Asia and the Middle East.  It differed significantly from the North American model, mostly in height.  And it certainly begs the question, is it a van or a station wagon?

Well, I guess the question is really moot – Honda marketed it as a van, just like previous versions.  But I can remember when I first saw one – and thought; “that’s a sharp-looking station wagon”…

The profile certainly looks wagon-ish.  It is about 1.5 meters tall (61 inches), which is about 18 centimeters (6-7 inches) lower than equivalent vans from other manufacturers.

2010 JDM Odyssey

It sold fairly well, and the follow-on 4th Generation (2008 – 2013) kept the same basic dimensions.

2014 JDM Odyssey

With the 5th Gen introduced in late 2013 the height and contours returned to a typical van-like 1.7 meters, and incorporated a sliding rear door.  More room and practicality, less style…

Perhaps because of their lower profile, they’ve become a favorite of the tuner community here in Japan.

In my mind, this model, more than any other, hits that fine line between a van and a wagon.

What do you think?

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