QOTD: What’s The Coolest Rental Car You Can Actually Get For A Road Trip?

Sadly, this was unavailable.

So, it’s finally happened–after almost nine years of marriage, my wife and I are finally going on a vacation. Sure, we’ve traveled before; our “honeymoon” a few weeks after being married was a trip to San Francisco to the Apple Worldwide Developers’ Conference. Between speaking engagements and conventions, we’ve driven to Boston, Denver, Louisville, and other random places from Sweet Home Chicago. But this time, there’s no obligations, nothing to do but relax.

We’re headed to Nashville and the best part, at least from a Curbside perspective, is that our rental car is being paid for. So, we don’t need to get the “Chevy Impala or equivalent” full-size from Avishertzerprise by the airport. We’re looking for something fun, or maybe something practical, or maybe something just plain weird. (But, considering the Impala is being retired, maybe that’s not the worst idea? Last of the breed and so forth…)

These days, there’s no lack of choices for renting a car; CC’s Tom Halter had a great article about renting from Turo, which I suppose is the AirBNB of cars. Plus there’s the Ferrari Guy here on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile, although I think I’d have to negotiate a trip all the way down south.

So, my question to the Curbside Commentariat: What would be the coolest road trip vehicle actually available to rent, if price is of, let’s say, relatively no object? Whether it’s a superb mile-chewer, or a canyon-carver, or just plain awesome or weird, everything’s on the table.