QOTD: Any Love For The Full-Size, FWD Sedan?

Photo courtesy of L Deren

Sedans like Ford’s Panther lines and the GM B-Bodies get a lot of love around these parts. Much of that is due to their traditional styling and rugged, body-on-frame construction and rear-wheel-drive. However, these cars were mostly usurped by modern, unibody, front-wheel-drive sedans. These became popular even with older, conservative buyers fond of the old-school Panther and B. But do these modern, FWD, full-size sedans have any fans here?

There’s something not quite right about a 4.6 V8 powering the front wheels but, then again, the 1995 Lincoln Continental was about as much of a sports car as the 1995 Lincoln Town Car. Personally, I love the balance and handling ability a RWD platform can provide in a sedan with sporting intentions. But what about those of us who simply want a cushy, Brougham experience? Is RWD a necessity?

The Continental’s flaky transmission may hinder its popularity among Curbsiders but how about the 2000 Buick LeSabre? This FWD G/H-Body GM sedan ticks many of the boxes a Panther would, sans RWD, BOF construction. Reliable powertrain? Check. Traditional, unmistakably American styling? Check. Front bench seat? Check. Soft ride? You better believe that’s a check!

Can either of these cars tempt my Panther-loving compatriots? Can any other full-size, FWD sedan?