On The Go Outtake: London Double-Decker Bus Getting Towed To The Nearest AEC Dealer

Some of the things you see on the road here are even a bit more improbable than usual. Like this London double-decker bus, getting towed. Well, a lot of these did find their way to the US, to be re-used for one thing or another.


From the tie-dye drapes in the upper window, and the fact that this is Eugene, I’m guessing it was used like so many other old buses here, for living in and/or camping. Or just to take out to the Oregon Country Fair once a year.

Although it’s still mighty original for a hippie bus. Where’s the psychedelic paint job?

We finally got around it far enough to catch the front end. It’s an AEC RT, once a mainstay in London. It was fitted with either a 7.7 litre or 9.6 litre AEC diesel engine and a preselector epicyclic gearbox.  That’s not going to be easy to get serviced in Eugene, although a lot of these buses were re-powered after arriving in the US. I’ve seen at least one or more with a big-block Chevy V8 and THM. Much easier to find parts and keep running.

We’ve never had a CC on the RT, but here’s Roger Carr’s CC on its near-immortal successor, the AEC Routemaster.