QOTD: Anyone Know Where To Find This Or Another 1978 Impala Coupe For A Movie?

I just received an email from a documentary film maker wanting to know how get the use of this Impala coupe I posted a while back. Easier said than done, as this was posted at the Cohort, and if I remember correctly, I was poking back a couple of years looking for old gems to use. And more than likely, the Cohort poster Colin just shot it where he found it. So the odds are not good.

So does anyone else know where to find a similar Impala coupe? Not too far from Chicago?  I suppose it doesn’t have to exactly be a ’78, as the ’77 and ’79 were mighty similar, except for the grille. And the one this movie stand in is imitating also didn’t have a vinyl roof. A picture of it is below the jump:

Here’s the original. Let me know in the comments or via email: curbsideclassic(at)gmail.com

I just remembered that one of the shots has the license plate. Minnesota  984URK. Does that help?