QOTD: Does Anyone Recognize This Mystery Concept?

I’ve been spending too much time at the concept car section of Pinterest. When I ran into this one there, I drew a blank.  I wanted to say Chevy, as in an early long-bed concept of their 1969 Blazer, but I’ve dissuaded myself of that on a number of points. My second wild guess was International, but our inhouse IH expert Scoutdude says it rings no bells for him. Anyone else know?

Just to refresh your memory, here’s the Blazer. way too different, except some very minor superficial similarities.

The mystery concept sits on leaf springs front and rear that hang pretty low, which is what led me to International. And are those wheel covers recognizable? I’m stumped.

Update:  Your many good guesses have helped me narrow down the scope of this vehicle somewhat. Here’s what we know and don’t know:

It’s a long wheelbase chassis. The US Big 3 would not at all likely ever have considered a 2 door lwb utility like this. GM had their Suburban, and Ford and Dodge would have made a four door long before they would have made a lwb 2 door.

The rear leaf springs are an important clue. None of the Big 3 pickup/utility chassis have their rear leaf springs hanging down this low, clearly attached under the axle. This makes me think strongly it’s based on a foreign chassis. Also, it doesn’t look as big as a Big 3 full size pickup chassis.

I see what appears to be the front end of a front leaf spring. That’s significant, if so, especially how low and visible it is.

The wheel covers look like units used by both Ford and Chevrolet.

The door handle is not like one used by the Big 3 on any of their trucks. That suggests a foreign effort. looks like a 70s Ford truck door handle.

The front door has some similarities around the window to the ’67-’72 GM trucks, but a closer look shows it to have different dimensions and proportions. Also, there’s no vent window, and the window frame looks very “coachbuilt”, not like something from the Big 3 studios.

I’m quite convinced it’s from a foreign manufacturer, and not even on an American-based chassis. I’m not sure that helps, but that’s where I’m at with it now.