QOTD: Extreme Engine Swap – What’s Your Favourite?

Jim Klein recently showed us a Jensen-Healey into which someone is planning, was planning, maybe only thought about or was actually just storing a Ford V6, and that got me thinking. What’s the most extreme engine swap you have seen, and what’s the most surprising?

My candidate for the most extreme is the Rover SD1 fitted with a V12 Rover Meteor tank engine, all 27 litres of it. Not so much a Rover 3500, more a Rover 27000.

The Meteor is a derivative of the Rolls-Royce Merlin, the engine of the Spitfire, Hurricane, Lancaster and P51 Mustang. Without the aircraft engine’s turbocharger, there’s something like 650bhp and 1500lbft of torque. The changes required to the Rover are best described as “extensive and very significant”, with the driver sitting close to the position of the rear seat than the front seat. 160 mph comes up at 2000 rpm. Sounds terrific as well

Obviously, not everyone’s choice, but I defy you to be unimpressed by the idea or the execution, even if there are some rough edges.

And where did the engine out of the Rover go? Well, there’s one in this Hyundai Stellar. (And yes,that is a McLaren7 20S from the McLaren press fleet parked by the portable toilets.)

And both are road legal and properly registered.

But what’s your favourite engine or most extreme swap?