Fieldside Outtake: International KB-6 – Don’t You Want Me, Baby?

How can one possibly resist the allure of this gorgeous truck?  I laid eyes on it a few weeks ago, or, better yet, it laid eyes on me and just sucked me in with the way it was looking at me and I can’t seem to forget about it.  Sure, it’s led a hard working life, but there’s some warmth left there, isn’t there?

Weathered and slowly sinking into the ground, but still carrying its loadbed proudly, this fine example of International’s KB-6 is one of the latter K/KB series trucks of the 1940’s and as a -6 one of the lighter ones.

But just look at all that personality, it’s like a big labrador retriever coming up and sticking its nose all up in your business…you just want to hug it and pet it and feed it something.  The coloring on this one is just spectacular too, the way the green is slowly turning into orange or maybe the orange is turning into green.  Or whatever, it’s just great.

No, I’m sorry, we just can’t take you with us this time.  But maybe we can visit again.  You’re not going to run off anywhere, I don’t think.  Those wheels are gorgeous, all of the little (and big) details just want to be studied, everything is just so right.  International really nailed it with this series.  Amazing that it’s at least 70 years old, the KB’s being built from 1947-1949.

As we like to say, all cars have a story.  Well, I’ll bet this one has a lot of stories already but somehow I think it wants to have even more, it’s not ready to end just yet.  There’s still hope though, it’s pretty complete!

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