QOTD: For $10, What Car Do Those Headlights Belong To? – The Makings of a New Game Show?

If you’re a bit confused by the title of this post, I’ll explain below. But in the meantime, take a good look at the headlight of this car from a screenshot of a Wheel of Fortune show from 1987 (that alone helps). And then start Googling to find a correct match. It’s worth big bucks to CC, so here’s your chance to support your favorite website with your car-spotting skill. Maybe we’ve found a new way to support CC.


A few days back, I got an email via CC from Andrew M. asking me: “What’s the truck at 0:33?” I gave him the (obvious) answer.

Then a couple of days later, another one asking what’s the truck in this screen shot? Easy.

And then today I got Question #3: What’s the station wagon at 0:45 in this WOF show? I gave him the answer, although the fuzzy video made it a bit more difficult than the previous ones.

I also told him: “So you’ve now used up your first three questions. From now on it’s $10 a pop.  ? ”


Not more than an hour or so later, I got this: “I’ll Pay for the $10 for What Was Headlights of the 1987 Car @ 15:21″.

Well, this one’s a bit trickier, although I have a few initial thoughts. But I’m right in the middle of a very different train of thought on a post I’m pulling together for CC, so I though I would pass this one to you. And the $10 will go towards the several thousand I’m going to have to shell out very shortly for a complete technical overhaul of the site, which as you’ve undoubtedly notices has been rather buggy and slow and throws Error 503 codes constantly.

I should ad that Andrew has already made his donation via the “Donate to CC” button on the right of the home page. So now we need to deliver.

This is different than a Clue where we don’t want proof of your guess. In order to convince me and our patron/taskmaster, you need to come up with a shot from the web that is solid proof of your guess and attach it to your comment. And yes, the video is not the best. But that’s what we have to work with, and that’s why our future patron is obviously coming to us with these hard questions.

And yes, feel free to give your guesses for the first three, if you want to confirm or contradict mine (#1: Mitsubishi Triton/Dodge D50/Plymouth Arrow; #2: Chevrolet Suburban; #3: Chevrolet Cavalier)