QOTD: Ford Owners: Do You Still Remember Your Keyless Entry Code?

My 1983 Turbo Coupe came with Ford’s keyless entry system that was first used on the 1980 Thunderbird. Amazingly, the system is still available today, although better integrated into the blacked out part of the pillar. I quickly came to love it, as it was quicker and more convenient than using the key, and of course there were never any worries about locking one’s key in the car.

And I still remember my code key:


So do you Ford owners remember your codes? I suppose if you still have one you undoubtedly do. So here’s a second part of the question: who’s had the longest gap since they got rid of their key-pad car, and still remembers it? I left my Turbo Coupe behind in 1985, so it’s been 33 years.