QOTD: Have You Ever Special Ordered A New Car?

Working for a brand like MINI, where there literally are over 10 million possible combinations when it comes to customizing a MINI down to the bodystyle, trim level, body color, roof color, interior upholstery, lower dash color, upper dash trim, etc., it’s needless to say that we do a lot of special orders for clients. I’d say roughly 1 out of every 5 cars I sell is a special order. As a matter of fact, our own CC commentator, Read Fleming, special ordered his new MINI Cooper S 2-door hardtop through me and took delivery this August.

There’s no extra charge, it only takes between 6-8 weeks for it to arrive, and we’re always willing to do it. I know next door at BMW it’s the same way (BMW SAVs take even shorter time to arrive, as they are assembled in Spartanburg, SC). However, I’ve heard stories of dealers of other makes refuse to special order a car for a customer, even if it means losing out on a sale.

In fact, that very situation came up in a recent QOTD post regarding a Honda Odyssey, if I recall. This seems very odd to me, but maybe other brands have different policies, or maybe it really is just that unusual for people to special order from other brands.

At least from personal experience, I will say that clients who order cars generally are the most excited customers when they take delivery of their new car, because after all, why wouldn’t anyone be excited about a new car that was tailored to exactly what he or she wanted?

Personally, I’ve only ever special ordered one vehicle in my lifetime, and it was only last week that I placed the order, which I’m very excited about. I’m sure plenty of our CC faithful have done this before, so for my question: Have you ever special ordered a new car? If so, what were the primary reasons for it and what was your experience with it like?