CC Outtake Gold: Pontiac Firebird Really Sport – Maybe My Favorite Find Ever

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(first posted 5/11/2013)      If a Cavalier Rally Sport isn’t quite the real thing for you, how about a Firebird Really Sport? It’s a very rare special version of the Firebird, during a brief period when Pontiac was having a bit of bowtie-envy. It even extended to what’s under the hood:

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Yup, these bombs came with the 454 Chevy rat-motor. If you’re going to have a bit of fraternal competition, why not ratchet it up a bit? Pontiac scored quite a deal on them from Chevy, as the Camaro wasn’t being sold with them.

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It was planned to put some really monster wheels and tires on the back of these, but the GM legal department put a stop to that at the last minute. The visual result is somewhat less than really stellar.

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