QOTD: Honda Odyssey; Which Exterior Styling Do You Prefer – JDM or North American?

In our JDM Honda Odyssey Van post last week, we discussed how the third and fourth generation models were much more station wagon-like than other competitors’ designs.  Then with the fifth generation introduced in 2013, Honda returned to a taller van-like profile.  While the JDM and North American models are much more similar now, they have very different exterior styling.  Which one do you prefer?

Here’s the JDM model – not much excitement here – fairly typical mini-van proportions with flat, slab styling, though there is a slight character line that runs along the lower edge up around the rear wheel well.

It’s 4.8 meters long, 1.8 wide, and 1.7 high.  Engine is a 2.4 liter K24W DOHC four cylinder.  A hybrid model is also offered.  As with most JDM vans, a luxury version has a pretty swanky interior.

The North American model took a different tack.  As with the fourth generation, a break or dip was introduced along the belt line just under the back-edge of the rear window, with a small character line underneath it.  While less abrupt than the fourth generation, it’s still very noticeable.  Another deep line sweeps downward from the front wheel well curving rearward, creating a somewhat sculpted “cove” effect along the side.

The North American model is just a touch larger than the JDM version; 5.1 meters long, 2.0 wide, and 1.76 high.  A 3.5 liter J35Y6 V6 is the only engine.

Which one do I like better?  Well, no offense to any NA Odyssey owners here but I’ve never been a fan of the “dip”.  It just seems somewhat jarring to me and doesn’t make the van look any more attractive (in my view), just different.  Perhaps that was what Honda intended.

So I’d go with the JDM version…

Which do you prefer?