QOTD: How Long Was Your Longest Vehicle Ownership?


A few weeks ago, my family and I headed to the Cape Girardeau area to visit family.  Our second stop was to visit my grandparents, “Albert” and “Iris”.

As always, it was wonderful visiting with them, a visit that gave us an hour to look around the house before they arrived home from an errand.  With their having been in the same house since 1961, it is chock full of memories.  I even found an old newspaper from Wednesday, August 21, 1963, in an upstairs closet.  Sugar was $0.99 for a ten-pound bag.

Several hours into our visit, the phone rang.  It seems a cousin of mine had acquired some potatoes he was wanting to divest from his possession.  Despite knowing one just doesn’t “find” 275 pounds of spuds, plus a bunch of watermelons, Grandpa and I fired up his trusty 1992 Ford F-150 to run the few miles into the small town of Scott City to fetch our fifty pounds worth.

He told me to drive, so this was the first time I had been in his pickup – let alone drive it – since sometime around 2000.


Last I drove it, this F-150 was just a late model pickup.  With sixteen years having lapsed, it’s not as flawless as it had been.  The power windows aren’t working, one of the fuel tanks has rusted away and been removed, and there is a mild tear in the seam of the drivers seat.  All this has helped it cross the threshold from ordinary late model to endearingly wonderful, awe-inspiring old pickup.  It even still has the original spark plugs and wires, but with only 70,000 miles on the odometer it isn’t terribly overdue.

Then it hit me – he bought this pickup in November 1992 and this is the longest anyone in my extended family has owned a vehicle (that has remained roadworthy for the duration).  Pushing a quarter-century is no small amount of time.


So, my question:  What is the longest amount of time you or anyone in your family has owned the same vehicle?  And, of course, what was it?