Cohort Outtake: 1975 Ford Corcel – The Reverse Of What I Dreamed The Other Night


Running into this 1975 Ford Corcel posted at the Cohort by Alberto Simon triggered the memory of a very vivid dream I had the other night, and which I’m hoping someone will photoshop for me. When I say this is the reverse of what I dreamed, it’s because this Corcel (full story here) looks a fair bit like a Ford Cortina MK2 body (“Model C” in the US) wearing a Ford Pinto front end. Can you guess what I dreamed now?


I was standing on a street corner, when I saw  a car approach. It was…a Pinto, but with a Cortina Mk2 front end! And as it drove by, I was impressed at how perfectly the two parts matched up. Well, why not? The Pinto was rather heavily based on the Cortina, using much of its suspension design and drivetrains, including engines (1600cc “Kent”), transmission, and rack and pinion steering, among others. It all made perfect sense, and I relished the significance of it at the time.


As I watched it drive down the street, I made a mental note to write it up on CC. Of course I forgot, but seeing this Corcel, whose body might resemble the Cortina’s, but is actually a re-styled Renault R12, jolted the memory back.


It probably wouldn’t be too hard to make a clean photoshop of a Pinto with a Cortina front end, at least in profile. But the real trick would be to see it from the front quarter view.

Do you ever have cars, especially mutant ones, invade your dreams?