QOTD: Is This 1965 Plymouth Belvedere II Going To Be Saved?

William Rubano posted these pictures of a ’65 Plymouth Belvedere II hardtop coupe sitting in front of a body shop. It has a bad case of cancer, but given where it’s sitting, one might well assume it’s going to be resuscitated. Or have they given up on it?


Somewhat surprisingly, the ’65 Belvedere has never made it to the pages of CC before. It’s a familiar face to me, as my dad almost bought a Belvedere wagon instead of the ’65 Coronet that he ended up with. He took me along to look at both of them; I remember the Belvedere wagon was land-locked in the middle of a bunch of other new ’65 Plymouths in a storage garage/warehouse. We never got it out or drove it. I suspect my dad got the Dodge because they had one in stock with the right features. The Belvedere did have a more interesting face than the dull Coronet’s.


This Belvedere coupe was obviously treated to some modifications back in the day; looks like a hood scoop. These cars were popular with the hot Mopar set, although preferably with the B or RB block and not the poly 318, which didn’t give nearly as much scope for easy performance upgrades.Who knows what this air intake once fed.


That looks like an aftermarket floor shifter for an automatic, if I’m not mistaken. The Belvedere II had bench seats and column shifters; the Satellite version got the buckets and console.

I’m hardly an expert on body repair, but of course anything can be fixed for a price. But this looks pretty serious. Terminal or curable?