QOTD: My Truck Finally Breaks Down. Fortunately It Was An Easy Fix. What Was Your Last Breakdown?

It had to happen sooner or later. In fact, it’s been way too long, really, given my ’66 F-100’s age and benign neglect (from me). But rather oddly, the last decade has been a lot more trouble free than the previous two decades. As in zero breakdowns or repairs for over ten years. And I use it regularly, although annual mileage is no more than maybe a couple of thousand miles. Still, that’s some 20-25k miles driven without a breakdown or repair in a 50 year old truck that only gets absolutely minimal attention. Is it getting better with old age?

But a couple of days ago, as I was moving a couple of extra washers in my fleet of preferred Whirlpool direct drives (more on that subject to come) into my storage shed located where I have eight rentals in a cluster. And yes, loading a washer or two into the low bed is one of the reasons I keep it. So as I went to leave, suddenly wouldn’t start; just a feeble clicking of the solenoid. It had started instantly just earlier, when it was cold. And now it was somewhat warm? The battery couldn’t have croaked spontaneously.

Fortunately, one of my tenants was home, and she even had jumper cables in her car! When I attached the ground jumper, I noticed my ground cable was very loose on its battery post.

A closer look showed that it had broken, spontaneously. Aha; that explains. And it was a very easy and cheap fix. And now we’ll see how long the lucky streak lasts until the next issue. Oh wait; I just remembered. The radiator has a little crack where the top tank meets the core (the discoloration is quite evident in the top picture). I tried to find someone to fix it; all the old timers who used to do that for me for peanuts in the past (it’s happened before) apparently have all retired. They all want to sell me a new radiator. One of these days…

So what’s the last thing that’s broken on your car?