QOTD: Opel Agila or Lincoln Town Car – Which Would You Take?

Only I would see a shot like this one posted by Roshake, and find my eyeballs instantly moving to the left side of the image, more drawn to the Agila (Suzuki Wagon R) than the Town Car. Yes, I’m a weirdo, and I have a major thing for tall, short and boxy Japanese cars.

So let’s find if I really am the only one: if you had to make one of these your daily driver for a year (or longer), which would it be?

If I lived in the Midwest and spent lots of time rolling down the straight and mostly flat roads there, I might take the Lincoln just to relive the experience of floating and wafting between the endless fields of corn or soy beans. I used to enjoy that when I lived there. But I don’t, and in the compact town I live in and the trips I take up rugged narrow Forest Roads to remote trail heads, the Agila is simply and obviously better suited, never mind how it suits my tall and narrow frame.

I didn’t really have to justify my choice, and you don’t either, but you can too, if you want.