QOTD: So What’s Your Summer Automotive Project?

Thanks to only two rental turnovers this summer, I have more time and I’m knee deep into my Promaster van conversion. The electric system (under the bed) is working, and the 300W solar panel on the roof can keep the $129 Magic Chef 3.5 cf Energy Star fridge (not in cabinet at this time) running indefinitely. And the batteries and inverter can handle the 1000W microwave just fine too. Next up is the ceiling and the continuous upper cabinet on the driver’s side before I can finish the cabinets on the passenger side including a full height cabinet over the propane tanks, and then start on the galley, the other bed, water tank, water heater, plumbing, bathing facilities, etc, etc….

I’m just taking a break awaiting an Amazon deliveries of riv nuts and a few other things before I get back at it. And I’ve decided to write up the whole project when I’m done, rather than in little chunks. I’m too busy to keep stopping now. I’m determined to hit the road in late summer or September, even if every cosmetic detail isn’t yet finished.

So what’s your summer project?