QOTD: What Automotive Technology Do You Miss Having?

Technology — it’s constantly advancing and disrupting existing technologies at an ever rapid pace, and when it comes to the automobile industry, it’s no different. Especially in the past ten, even five years, in-car technology has developed at an ever-astronomical pace to the point where even relatively inexpensive cars offer features such as forward collision alert, emergency braking, 360-degree surround camera, navigation with real-time traffic updates, and self-parallel parking. Of course, as new tech features are added, “old” technology must go by the wayside, much to the dismay of some buyers.

Having a 6-disc in-dash CD player AND a cassette player was quite the big deal in 2004. 

One of those such rapidly disappearing features is the CD player. As a kid who grew up in a time where in-dash CD players were a novelty, it almost pains me to call the CD player “primitive”, but it’s the truth, no matter how sad it may be. In fact, these days CD players are a novelty once again, as many cars no longer offer them. MINI, among other brands, no longer offers them at all. BMW still includes them as standard, despite the addition of more advanced audio technology, though I’ll be honest when I say I’ve never used the CD player in my 2016 228. In fact, the last car I used a CD player was in the last car I owned without bluetooth audio, my 2004 Toyota Highlander.

Remote 3D view from your phone… who’d ever have envisioned this a decade ago?

So while I personally do not mourn the loss of the CD player, many others do. And numerous other automotive technologies have disappeared over the years too. Remember physical car keys? Manual hand brakes? CB radios? DVD-based “rear seat entertainment systems” with flip-down LCD screen? What automotive technology do you miss having most?