Canadian Car Show Day #4: Saving Some Of The Best For Last (With an Emphasis On Mopars)

In retrospect, I should have saved all of these Canadian Car Show posts for Canada Day on Sunday, but then maybe I’d be getting a late-night visit from Homeland Security. Here’s the last batch from Canadiancatgreen’s download at the Cohort, with a few more Chrysler products than average. Now this 1960 Imperial is right up my alley….

A Canadian-made Bricklin


Ford 100E. Needs some CountrySsquire wood treatment


I had to look it up to confirm that it’s a 1961 Monarch Richelieu


A 1964 Plymouth to make a perfect companion to the ’64 Dodge in the first post


Does that ever look like a ’72 big Chevy from this angle.


1956 DeSoto


Last but not least…