QOTD: What Car Had the Most Attractive Dashboard?


Like moths to a flame, car people are naturally drawn to an elegantly sketched and pressed body line, or the smells and sounds of an internal combustion engine, but it’s the dashboard that bewitches them on a daily basis. Just about any old car dashboard looks better than a new one, but there are some that stand out above the rest.  In no particular order, my favorites follow.


The lead picture shows a Bullet ‘Bird’s interior, and it’s probably my favorite of the ’60s.  The brushed aluminum (or a suitable substitute) trim flows elegantly into the still-present console.  T-Bird interiors may have peaked with the ’64 model, but this dashboard is my favorite.

It would, however, take an obstinate debater to disagree with the assertion that the Cord 810/812’s glorious engine-turned dash did not make for a suitable cockpit.  It’s simple and elegant, and like a fighter plane, there are as many gauges as an operator needs.


I’ll wrap up my “big-three” with a car with the “Forward Look,” the 1957 Imperial.  This dashboard is not an obvious standout, but I find the massive gauges enchanting.  They’re like large-print books, wildly oversized in person, which is just right for a ’57 Imperial.

What dashboard lights you up?