eBay Find: 1941 Ford Business Coupe – Not a Hot Rod


Goodness gracious me. A pre-war Ford that hasn’t been chopped and beaten to within an inch of its life, then resprayed in the brightest hues of orange and red with flames coming out of the back. Just a good, honest car that was likely bought by someone who needed reliable transport to haul his jar samples across the country and that has managed to make it to this day, when you’re instantaneously reading something written on a laptop in Central America.


The 1941 fords were a completely new design to replace the one that had been released in 1937. It kept some of the styling cues of the 1940 models but they represented the new way forward. The 1942 models brought along an updated front end design that would replace the Zephyr-esque grille as seen on this model. Apart from the work oriented Business coupe there were two-and four door sedans, a station wagon and a convertible available.


Also of note is this, the Ford coupe utility . Available only in Australia of course. Ford were the first ones to sell a “ute” in Australia, creating a market that has lasted all the way to the present, with the last Ford Falcons and Holden Commodores leaving Australian production lines very soon. The basic 1941 design ceased production in 1942 because of the war and surfaced again in 1946, holding the fort until the new and radically improved 1949 models were ready for production.


Back to this particular model. Good news is that it has been restored, although the specific details of who did it and when remain unsolved. While a straight-six, the first available on a Ford since 1906, was available; this Super deluxe model sports a 3.6L Flathead V8 mated to a three-on-the-tree. Both the six and this V8 were rated at 90HP. The listing says that everything on it works. On something of this age, there’s precious little to go wrong and you should be able to keep it running despite its age thanks to the aftermarket.


Here’s a picture of the business end, literally. Now I’m seriously wondering what was the last business coupe in production. Nowadays you’d likely be marketed into a Chevrolet Tahoe or similar to become a traveling salesman. Pricing is set at $25,900 O.B.O, product samples not included