QOTD: What New Front Clip Would You Like To See On Your Car?

Not surprisingly, today’s Studeamino brought up some semi-dormant thought about a new front clip on my xB. I love my toaster, but the front end is my least favorite part. It needs something decidedly more retro. I’d thought about a classic Mini mug. But the what better than to turn it into what it really is: a mini-Suburban, from the ’69-’72 era, at that. These aren’t exactly on xB’s, but perhaps there’s a kit for them?

And on to my other cars:

I’ve got the Promaster covered with this great kit that is available to turn it into a Citroen H van tribute.

Hmm; this one is a bit harder. How about a 1951 Studebaker? Not very original, and I’m thinking it won’t be very palatable to Stephanie. She’d probably like one of those Japanese kits to emulate a classic British car, like a Jaguar MkII front end.

My ’66 F100? That’s an easy one: a 1965 grille, which I prefer over the ’66. Otherwise, hands off!

I just realized that what I really want for my xB is a ’65 Ford F series front end!