QOTD: What Is the Most Beautiful Four-Door Sedan/Hardtop in the World?


Five years ago, I was lucky enough to attend a lecture given by famous General Motors designer Bill Porter.  He highlighted some of his favorite designs and explained why they were so successful.  At the end, I asked him what car he considered to be the most beautiful, and his answer surprised me.


He told me his favorite car was the Bugatti 57SC Atlantic, but he wondered out loud if the ’65-’67 Corvair sedan wasn’t the most beautiful car ever designed–high praise from a guy who has forgotten more about automotive design than I’ll ever know.  In particular, Mr. Porter noted the C-Pillar of the sedan and how much more well-proportioned it was than the coupe’s when taken as a whole, especially when considering the interface between the sail panel and the rear wheel opening.


I own a Corvair convertible, so there’s a little Corvair bias coursing through my veins; however, when speaking of sedans, I must humbly disagree with Mr. Porter and offer the 1936 Cord 810 Westchester as the most beautiful.  In fact, this is one of the few bodystyles where the sedan may be the most attractive variant.


On a more international note, while it’s not my personal favorite, I feel a fair number of folks may choose the Citroen DS as the most beautiful sedan.  At the very least, it’s striking.

Let’s narrow this down.  Maybe the late Corvair sedan isn’t the most beautiful car in the world, but is it the most beautiful sedan?  Is the Cord?  Is the Citroen?  Is something else?  What do you think is the most beautiful sedan of all time?