Cohort Outtake: Which Is The Real Porsche?

Porsche 911 CayennePosted at the Cohort by NickyD

I’ve just finished reading “Genesis of Genius”, Karl Ludvigsen’s splendid book of Ferdinand Porsche’s early professional decades (1900 – 1935), which puts a slightly different perspective on this shot of two very different Porsches. Without going into a long-winded spiel, let’s just say that rear-engined cars came to Porsche very late in his career. Up until the time he designed the ground-braking mid-rear engined Auto Union GP racer (1932), all of his cars were front engined, and many with FWD. And they were generally rather tall, as was the convention of the times. Admittedly, Ferdinand Sr. didn’t really have very much to do with the car that carried the family name, except of course that it was very heavily based on his VW Beetle. So what vehicle from Porsche’s early years is more representative of the Cayenne?

Austro Daimler M 17

Front engine, four wheel drive, off-road capable, large wheels, excellent towing capacity, and plenty of room for passengers and their luggage (and then some). Let’s see…this 1915 Porsche-designed Austro-Daimler M17 tug seems to fit the bill pretty well. Yes, Porsches came in all sizes, shapes, and configurations; there’s no such thing as “the one true Porsche”.