QOTD: What Is The Ultimate Delivery Car?

pizza-delivery-carthe ultimate delivery car of another sort

Max.P. found what he calls “The Ultimate Delivery Beater”, in the form of an $800 1985 Caprice wagon. If you were driving over 20,000 miles per year delivering food, and wanted to maximize your income by minimizing expenses, what would you look for in the ultimate delivery car?

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Me? I’ve had experiences with two circa 1992 Corollas that have convinced me that they’re the cheapest/most durable way to go. The one I bought for $300 almost three years ago (above) is still going strong, in the hands of another owner. And a good friend has a similar vintage wagon that also still feels like it’s got lots of life in it. Both have well north of 200k miles on them.

What would you deliver the goods in?