QOTD: What New Car Did You Most Lust For When You Were 25?

CC 267 003 1200

BMW E12 5 Series have become very rare to see in traffic. But seeing this one reminded my of how badly I wanted one at the time, preferably a Europe-only M535 with 210 hp. But even the US-spec 528i with a creamy-smooth 173 hp 2.8 L inline six was about as brisk as it got in 1978 for a genuine sport sedan. No, for me it wasn’t primarily a Yuppie status symbol; it was just the finest car of the type that I desired at the time.  Actually, in 1978, I hadn’t yet become a Yuppie; that would be a couple more years. Actually, as a high school dropout, I could never really be a card-carrying Yuppie.

So what new car did you most lust after when you were 25?