QOTD: What Was Your Most Inefficient Daily Driver?

Nancy Zieman

Just after Christmas, I read Seams Unlikely, an autobiography by Nancy Zieman.  While Zieman likely falls outside the radar for many of us, she may be well known to your wife, mother, or daughter (which is how I learned about her).  As the host of Sewing With Nancy, she has been on television since 1982 and her show is broadcast on most PBS stations in the United States.  She is also the founder of Nancy’s Notions based in Bear Creek, Wisconsin.

As an aside, her story is quite compelling.  How Zieman overcame several formidable challenges, such as her facial paralysis, to build a multi-million dollar business is the true meat of the story and well worth reading.  She is a highly practical, business-savvy person and possesses a very charming girl-next-door personality.

From her book, I suspect Zieman to be somewhat of an automotive fan.  In addition to mentioning a Buick and Rambler being in the family during her childhood (she was born in 1953 or 1954), she speaks repeatedly of her first car.

What was it?


Nothing other than a 1971 Ford LTD.

While it seems the car was quite reliable, Zieman said it had a 10 mpg appetite for fuel–quite painful for a young professional in the mid-1970s.  Hey, isn’t there always a cost associated with unparalleled style and comfort?  She never referred to any of her other vehicles with any specific information, just “the wagon” or “the SUV.”  Yes, my friends, the ’71 Ford LTD once again flexes its muscular dynamo of raw animal magnetism, continuing to prove it is no mere mortal of a car.

It sounds like an LTD was Nancy’s most inefficient car.  What was yours?