QOTD: What Were the Most Jaw Dropping Cars of the Aughts?


Time to close out our series of posts identifying the most “jaw dropping” cars of the previous decades (60s, 70s, 80s, 90s).  I’d like to thank the many commentators again for all the insightful comments on the previous articles – lots of cars I overlooked and it was great to see them highlighted. 

The decade of 2000-2009 certainly had more than its fair share of stand-outs.  Design, power, refinement, technology…..all are clearly on display in some of the most stylish and fastest production cars ever built.  So let’s get started; same ROE – top 5 cars that “hit your gut” emotionally in a good way.  And don’t be shy – if you don’t see your favorite, share it – we respect all views.

2002 Mini Cooper


A retro home-run – captured the quirkiness and cheeky good nature of the original with modern conveniences and safety.  Unfortunately, if various surveys are to be believed, it failed to improve upon the original’s reliability.  But a great retro design done right and a very fun car to drive.

2002 Ferrari Enzo

2002 Ferrari Enzo; top car design rating and specifications

You know a car is special when Ferrari endows it with the name of the great “Il Commendatore” – and this one was special – especially the price – $650K to start but routinely trading for $1 million or above.  All carbon-fiber construction and an 8200 redline, 650 hp V-12.  The styling did receive some criticism, but I thought it was a stand-out.

2006 Ford GT


“I can’t believe Ford built this” – those were my words when I first saw the Ford GT – how could a company that got the 2002 T-Bird so wrong get this one so right.  And they got it “all” right – design, engine, suspension – everything.  The 550 hp supercharged 5.4 litre engine made it one of the quickest cars of this decade.  A beautiful tribute to a legendary car and a legend in its own right – couldn’t have been done better.

2006 Corvette Z06


The aughts were really a golden decade for Corvettes.  The C5 had up to 405 hp and the C6 took performance to another level with the Z06 and ZR1.  While the ZR1 had more horsepower, the Z06 was the one that dropped my jaw – a 427 cu in naturally aspirated V8 putting out 505 hp.  Old school muscle in a modern package.

2008 Nissan GT-R


Nissan’s reply to the question; “what do you get when Godzilla snacks on the leftovers of the Fukushima nuclear power plant.”  Answer:  485 hp, 434 ft lbs of torque, rear-mounted 6 spd dual clutch transmission, and all wheel drive.  How stunning was this car’s performance?  How about 2.7 seconds to 60 mph and 11.6 seconds in the quarter mile – that is stunning.  Could go toe-to-toe with a Porsche 911 Carrera,  Audi R8 or BMW M3 – and leave them in its atomic dust.

Honorable Mention

2000 Ford F-150 Lightning Pickup (introduced in 1999 but only limited production)

2004 Porsche Carrera GT

2005 Bugatti Veyron

2007 Fiat 500

2008 Dodge Challenger