Spotted While Driving, or More Curbside Classics I Just Haven’t Found Parked Yet


I think it’s because they built a new grocery store right around the corner of my house that I’m not finding as many old parked cars to photograph. You see, probably half the cars I’ve written about here have been parked in the lot at the Meijer nearest me. Meijer is a Midwestern big box store, kind of like a Walmart Supercenter but slightly nicer. This Meijer’s location on the edge of the ‘hood makes it a great place to find curbside classics. But it takes me 15 minutes to get over there versus just four minutes to the sparkling new grocery in my neighborhood. Guess where I’ve been shopping most of the time. And it’s relegated me to getting butt shots of old cars while I’m waiting at stoplights. At least it’s been a rich harvest, boldly led by this R-body Chrysler New Yorker.


Cutlass Supreme sedans like this droopy-bumpered example are almost as rare as that New Yorker in these parts.


Citations are even rarer, but I’ve seen this one on the roads near my house several times over the past few years. It must live near me.


I don’t think I’d call the W123 Mercedes exactly rare, but you still don’t often see one on your way home from work, as I did this day.


It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a Monte Carlo of this generation on the road. This one looks like the ones in my high-school parking lot in the 1980s: butt lifted into the air, rocking fat rear tires.


Actually, this was a common sight in my high-school parking lot, too: a bunch of guys under the hood of a car that had somehow gone inert during the school day.


This Mustang was in primo condition. I got a good, solid look at it as it passed me as we both headed toward downtown.


Sometimes while waiting at a light, I spot an old car parked but lack the time to stop for a proper photo shoot. So it went for this LeSabre. A couple months later, I spotted it in a different part of town with a For Sale sign in its window.


While on an errand at the Indianapolis Department of Public Works, I spotted this first-gen Camry and a holy-cow-when-was-the-last-time-you-saw-one Bronco II. It cracks me up that the Camry isn’t quite as tall as the bed of the Toyota truck beyond it.


Finally, while near Noblesville as the sun set a couple weeks ago I spotted CC City. That Lincoln is a long way from home.