QOTD: What’s The Longest You Ever Owned a Car, Or Was/Is Owned In the Family?

Our virtual trip to Cuba brought home the point how most of these cars there are precious family heirlooms, and kept going indefinitely due to the great difficulties of buying new cars or even just buying and selling old cars. The closest equivalent in the Niedermeyer family is my ’66 F-100, now dubbed “The Bruised Banana”, which I will have owned 30 years this summer (top picture: 1993; bottom: 10 minutes ago). And I have a detailed write-up of it and its role in my life and work, coming for its anniversary. Let’s just say I’ve taken a somewhat Cuban approach: it’s a work vehicle and I’ve kept it running with the absolute minimum of expense and work.

But I know some of you have had cars a lot longer than that, like Bill Mitchell. Or a whole lot shorter, like Jim Klein. Where do you slot in? Are you a keeper or trader? And what’s the longest you’ve owned a car, or had it be in the family?