QOTD: What’s The Most Obscure “Designer Edition”?

Collaborating with a popular fashion designer or retailer for a special edition of a car has been an industry practice for decades, as a way to generate additional hype and exclusivity for a model. Made most memorable by Lincoln in the 1970s, with collaborations from high-end fashion houses such as Pucci, Bill Blass, and Givenchy, these so-called “designer editions” have been offered on various models from almost every brand through the years, and in many cases include partnerships with firms specializing in something entirely different than fashion.

Regardless of the non-car producing party, some of these partnerships have been very fitting. Take this early-00s Subaru Outback L.L. Bean Edition I recently spotted. Given Subaru’s high take rate among outdoor enthusiasts and northern New Englanders alike, collaborating with the Maine-based retailer of outdoorsy apparel and recreational equipment only seemed natural. Yet some others haven’t been so fitting nor convincing.

Without delving too deep, the AMC Hornet Gucci Edition, Chevrolet Venture Warner Bros. Edition, and the Ford Focus Sony Edition come to mind. But among the many, many “Designer Edition” vehicles, which one strikes you as most interesting or obscure?