CC Outtake: Buick Estate Wagon at Mary Lou’s Laundromat

I’ve seen this Estate Wagon slowly fading away over the years, and often in this spot in front of Mary Lou’s Laundromat? Is it Mary Lou’s?


B-Bodies in daily use are a rapidly shrinking species. As are laundromats. Quite a few here have been converted in recent years to trendy restaurants and such. Not Mary Lou’s, yet.

It even has the coveted Buick Road Wheels. For how many decades were these available? Is that an all-time record?


It’s easy to tell that the owner is short.

And there she is. She saw me shooting her car and came out to watch me in action. Or just keep an eye on me. She said she’s had it for a long time (no surprise there). And except for its thirst, she’s quite happy with it.

And I’m happy to see her, her Buick, and Mary Lou’s all still going.