QOTD: What’s The Most You’ve Comfortably (Or Not) Driven In One Day?

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In today’s Taurus SHO – BMW 535i vintage comparison (Automobile Magazine), this line at the end caught my eye: The new 535i is perhaps only the second car in which we have, with only one driver, comfortably covered 800 miles (1300 km). Which reminded me of my longest and yet reasonably comfortable drive.

I had driven the 1000 miles from Baltimore to Iowa City straight through in my VW Beetles on at least two occasions, but I can’t say it was all that comfortable. The seats in them were sorely lacking in lumbar support. And there was the general lack of creature comforts, but I was young.

In about 2002 or so, I had to pick up my younger son in Sacramento, CA, where he had been taken after a primitive summer camp way up in the Sierras. It’s almost exactly 500 miles from Eugene to where I needed to go a bit outside Sacramento. I left Eugene in the Forester at 5;30 AM, and hit I5 and set my cruise control for 75, 80 in CA (or 10 over the limit). Arrived at 12:30, picked him up, and had lunch. Hit the road at 1:30PM, and got home right at 8:00 PM (I picked up my pace some on the home stretch). My brother and his family were visiting, so I drove directly to the old EMs minor league stadium near our house and joined them for the second half of the ball game. The sun was still well up in the sky, and I felt…great, even sitting on the unpadded seats of the old wood stadium (which burned down this past summer). Of course, I was almost 15 years younger then. Although I wouldn’t be eager to repeat it, the seats in the TSX are excellent, and if I had enough motivation, I’d be willing to do it again. Or so he says….


One thing that really helps on that drive is the scenery, which is good to excellent for most of the trip, except for the last part near Sacramento. So what’s the furthest you’ve driven in a day, comfortably or uncomfortably?