QOTD: What’s Your All-Time Favorite Cadillac?


Since we’re going to be ragging on poor GM all month, let’s also find a little love for the General. I actually started a series titled GM’s Greatest Hits, as a counterpart to the GMDS, but it kind of petered out at some point. Maybe we’ll have to revive it for December.

Anyway, the classic Cadillacs would undoubtedly dominate that list, and the 1954 was already given that designation. yes, the ’54 – ’56 models are my favorite: big, brash and still tall, like a true luxury car should be. Making Cadillacs any lower than this was a big mistake. There’s enough chrome to set off the handsome, smooth lines, but not slathered on like starting in 1957. Aaron nailed it with his paean to a ’55 Coupe DeVille here recently.  OK, your turn. What’s your favorite Cadillac ever?