QOTD? What’s Your Current Automotive Project? Here’s Mine

I installed a new turn signal switch/cam in my ’66 F100 two years ago. It wouldn’t work, so I’ve been using hand signals ever since. Some drivers seem to think that I’m making obscene gestures, so it was time to figure this out. Turns out there are several issues, by working my way back through the (very simple) wiring diagram. The starting point is the fuse block, which is badly corroded. Touching the fuse itself with a test light showed current, but when I took it off and tested the back, where the wire is attached, little or nothing.

But that’s just the starting point.

I’m going to have to get parts (fuse clips) to rebuild the fuse block, so I’ve temporarily jumped it. Signals work, at least on the driver’s side. Now there’s wire and/or bulb holder issues with the passenger side. Looks like the wires are probably semi-shorted somewhere. So I’ll be spending some time under the truck this afternoon.

What’s your current automotive project?