QOTD: What’s Your Favorite Early Falcon Face?

In my never ending quest to own every antique car ever built, I have only ever put cash in my pocket to seriously look at one or two Falcons, including a really decent red 1964 convertible which I would have probably driven home had I been more well-off at the time.  There is, however, something heartwarming about a pre-’64 Falcon, isn’t there?  It’s not traditionally beautiful by any means, but like an early Jeep, the Falcon’s practicality and honesty transcend any aesthetic norms one might impose upon it.  For four model years, the Falcon remained rather stylistically static, with new grilles and trim being the hallmarks of a new fall selling season each year (with a notable exception being the ’63 Sprint).  Which model wears it best?

Some say that the first edition of anything is the purest, so is the 1960 model the best early Falcon?  Its concave grille and minimal trim evince a sense of basic, utilitarian transportation (I apologize for the rope bisecting the picture – you take them where you find them).

The 1961 model didn’t stray from the Falcon’s wildly popular roots.  Designers decided to “pop the dent” out of the Falcon’s grille and push it in the other direction, but other changes are minor.  By the way, kudos to Ford for capitalizing on the wild popularity of Peanuts to sell some Falcons.

My personal favorite for reasons unknown to me is the 1962 model.  The new vertical grille motif hits the right marks for no textbook reason that I can cite.  With that being said, isn’t the sedan delivery in my opening picture a cool car?

It’s worth another look.  When have you seen another?

Finally, the 1963 model may have more inherent panache due to its connection with the Monte Carlo Rally and the attractive Sprint hardtop.  This convertible looks pretty good in red, too, and I wouldn’t be surprised if many readers agree.

If I had my way, I’d take a ’65 Falcon (naturally, considering my screen name), but I’d have no problem trying to find storage for an early Falcon if things turned out that way.  Which one do you like best?