Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: 1952 Ford Crestliner Convertible – That’s More Like It

As a contrast to yesterday’s “long tail” 1964 Ford Galaxie, I offer you this 1952 Ford Crestline. It’s proportions and overhangs are much more reasonable. And it has a much more attractive booty.

Here’s a comparison. The ”52 was almost a foot shorter and had 4″ less wheelbase, but due to its greater height, interior accommodations were better due to chair-high seating. And the tall trunk allowed the suitcases of the time to be stowed vertically.

The Niedermeyers experienced this quite viscerally when my father traded in the ’54 Ford sedan for a ’62 Fairlane, which had an inch more wheelbase and was the same length as the ’54, but we all felt significantly more crowded, especially in the back seat.

But this is all old hat.

FWIW, I’ve always thought that the ’52-”52 Ford rear ends were exceptionally attractive. Nice and rounded and clean.

The front end is ok, if not exactly exceptional. Like a lot of Ford buyers that year, this one went for the old flathead V8, even if the brand new ohv six was objectively the better engine in just about every way. Old (Henry) habits die slowly.

Seems like we’ve never done a proper CC on the ’52 Ford, which was a significant new car, but we’ve got one on the very similar ’53:

Curbside Classic: 1953 Ford Crestline Victoria: The End Of The Road For The Flathead V8